A Beginners’ Unshaming Journey

Wouldn’t it be nice to peel a few layers of Shame off and discover who you REALLY are…

Shame is a complex emotion yet it’s so intrinsic to our being. It seeps into our core and makes us doubt ourselves. 

It is shame that makes us feel that

We are not good enough… That we are unworthy… Unworthy of love

So we keep on punishing ourselves by sacrificing our needs, by shutting down our feeling and by getting over it…

Guess, what! There is a better way


Welcome to the BLADE – a sure way to cut through Shame


Build Awareness

If you aren’t aware, you cannot do anything about it. Find out just how many ways this society is using to shame you.


Learn the art of safe circling

Create your own safe space and learn how the act of presence and compassionate curiosity transforms you. 


Attend events and workshops

We cannot learn new things about ourselves and about life if we don’t expose ourselves to a variety and diversity this life has to offer. This is where you get to have fun and explore who you really are.


Dissolve your shame

Shame loses its power completely when we talk about it. Through the build, learn and attend, you can slowly begin to dissolve your shame.


Energise your soul

As you dissolve your shame, it is time to recharge and reclaim your own wellbeing.

In the Beginners Unshaming Journey, you will focus on the B & D of the BLADE

You will build awareness of how you are shamed in your life and how that has impacted who you are.

You will start peeling off the layers of shame by discovering what’s not YOU.

You will learn more about the BLADE theory

And above all,

You will start becoming Unshamed

Remember, Unshaming is not about Fixing. It’s about rejecting what’s not YOU

Course Design and Outline

The course is divided into 3 sections with various topics within these sections as outlined below:

  • Introduction
  • The world of Shaming Women
  • Where to Next?
Resources and Downloads

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A Beginners’ Unshaming Journey

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A Beginners’ Unshaming Journey