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Welcome to the Beginner’s Unshaming Journey

And, welcome to this tribe of brave and courageous women who have chosen to become Unshamed. Shame is a complex emotion yet it’s so intrinsic to our being. It seeps into our core and makes us doubt ourselves. Thankfully, now you can unpack the shame and how it impacts you. I am glad that you have chosen to do this course and I hope that you enjoy the course and find it valuable.

About the course:

  • This course is organised into lessons; each lesson consisting of many topics.
  • At the end of the lesson or a topic, you may be presented with a Quiz. The idea of the quiz is for you to reflect on what you have heard and read and see how that manifests in your own life.
  • You can complete the lessons in any sequence you like but I would recommend you to go in sequence because some of the topics I talk about assume that you have already copleted the previou topic.